Worldwide Leader in Intuitive Nutrition Development

SANKOM® is a Swiss company, specializing on development of comprehensive approach for Weight Loss. Weight Loss is a complex problem and SANKOM is your partner for a healthy and natural solution.

The SANKOM® comprehensive approaches for Weight Loss consist of six specialized weight management programs:

  1. Intuitive Nutrition®.
  2. SANKOM® detox and body cleansing.
  3. SANKOM® functional wear for slimming.
  4. SANKOM® system of physical activity.
  5. SANKOM® neuroslimming - self-education and self-motivation.
  6. SANKOM Additional measures helping for weight loss.

One of the main area of our activity is devoted to Intuitive Nutrition® development and manufacturing the highest quality health supplements.

The range of SANKOM® weight management line includes: products with dietary fibers, vitamins and minerals. SANKOM® products are 100% Swiss Made and could be used in different natural and healthy diet plans.

SANKOM® launched the "Swiss Diet Kit" Weight Loss Program which received numerous international awards for the outstanding weight loss results and detox benefits using a natural and healthy diet solution.

One of these Awards is the Gold Medal for BEST DIET PRODUCT rewarded by Natural & Organic Products Exhibition in California, USA. SANKOM® was also selected by independent judges as an exceptional luxurious goody for the Hollywood stars Oscar nominees' gift bag.

SANKOM® dietary supplements, vitamins and weight loss products are available in a variety of 4 delicious flavors: green tea with grapefruit flavor, strawberry flavor with vitamins A, C and E, cherry flavor with vitamin C, and peach flavor with magnesium. All of these tasty flavors contain prebiotic dietary fibers oligofructose and inulin.

SANKOM® is the worldwide leader in Intuitive Nutrition® development with over 25 years of medical research and experience in the field of health, weight management and nutrition.

Intuitive Nutrition® is a style of nutrition built on internal sensations and understanding of one's body's needs. Intuitive Nutrition® consists of preventative intuitive nutrition and restrictive intuitive nutrition.

The first step on the journey to losing weight through Intuitive Nutrition® is developing the skill to distinguish clearly the natural feeling of hunger from social, emotional, and psychological motives for eating. The ability to make these distinctions to a great extent determines the success of effective weight loss and will help to establish a healthy diet plan.

To enable the success of Intuitive Nutrition®, it is necessary to create a roadmap for moving forward in normalizing your weight and to prepare in advance a plan for your future actions. Such a roadmap has been developed by SANKOM® scientific research team which is called a satiagram. A satiagram is a graphical representation of the relationship between feelings of hunger and satiation in various time intervals.

The analysis of the changes in hunger and satiation with the help of satiagrams allows the correct understanding of the relationships of cause and effect leading to overeating, excessive weight, and obesity.

Satiagrams are important in determining the principals of one's nutritional behavior. More information on how to develop personalized satiagram and how to master Intuitive Nutrition®, in order for it to become a regular healthy habit, can be found in Dr. Mazourik's book "Intuitive Nutrition: How to Get Guaranteed Weight Loss".

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